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Phantom Ranch has established a Standard Business Account with Paypal. Paypal is company that provides automation for credit/debit payments and direct bank transfer payments.

No credit card information (numbers, dates, etc) comes to the camp,Paypal services process the transactions. The Ranch staff has no access to personal credit card information. A e-mail message is sent from Paypal to the Ranch describing the nature of your transaction.

Paypal has it's own security policies. Phantom Ranch makes no claims, guarantees, or provisions for Paypal security or privacy.

Paypal charges: 2.9% of the entire transaction amount, plus a $.30 transaction fee.

Phantom Ranch Bible Camp provides Paypal services for your convenience. You are more than welcome to make payments directly to the camp by check. Highlight the nature of your payment (donation type, purchase type, etc) and send to the Ranch.

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